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Woman Beauty


Woman beauty

It was the 29th of March 2014, about 08 am in the morning. I had just put my first virtual exposition on line: "Premier Concert".

I was still in bed, and that image appeared in my mind. I thought it would die if I did nothing about it, so I took one more day off to externalize it.

This work represents the beauty of the woman. I first had the idea of titling this work "Sally".

Sally is a paint were a group of people are standing in front of a painting in a museum. Sally is also the imaginary name of a young and pretty woman, she was standing with the other in front of the painting.

I was behind, watching the whole scene. As a matter of fact, I couldn't see anything but her, she was like a black hole who absorbed all my senses.

Everything around her was just blurred out. That million dollar painting was just another meaningless paper, and the people around her were like transparent.

She was beyond perfection. The perfection implies a finished state, but she was an alive goddess.

I wondered why people in front of her were facing the painting, but it would have been awkward though if they were all staring at her at the same time.

From behind, except for that thought, I couldn't do anything but watch her. I could die for her, without even having seen her face. But I didn't want to interrupt that moment, so I enjoyed each breath, each moment, and silently, I was hoping that she would stay there forever.

After writing this comment, I realized that it is some kind of obsession for the woman beauty. So I thought that the painting should be called obsession. Finally, it seemed to me that "woman beauty" was the words that capture my initial thought best.