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The artist


The artist

The 29th of March 2014, just after thinking of the woman beauty, I was thinking of another interpretation of a similar picture, and I thought it would be interesting to compare both of them side by side, so I drew it.

This work represents an artist. More specifically, it wanted to show how an artist get inspired by the elements around him. In this painting, I reused the exact same material than for the woman beauty, except that I replaced the woman by the artist.

I first wanted to title this "awareness", but eventually, because the painting represented an human body rather than an abstract concept, I decided that "The artist" would be a better name.

The artist is a paint were a group of people are standing in front of a painting in a museum. Like other people, the artist is also staring at the paint. However, he is also aware of every element around him. This is represented by the fact that his clothes are tainted with the environment colors. The artist would not only be inspired by the painting, but also by the other human being, and even the surfaces around like the ground, the wall, basically anything. Would there be a sound, it would have shaped the artist clothes too.

So again, I managed to save an idea from being forgotten for ever. For having drawn two pictures, I wouldn't call me a painter, but rather a "flash painter", as I did save those two images/concept from being forgotten. The fun thing about "flash painting" is that you have a limited amount of time before the idea evaporates. It makes it more exciting.