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30th March 2014. This morning again, lying in bed, just before getting up and working, a flash image came into my mind. I do not remember the reason why, but I could, as it also passed into my awareness for a little time. It was an image with the creation process in the middle, and there were two shoes, one big shoe, and another small shoe, above and below the middle creation. The shoe was exactly the one I used for my previous flash painting: the artist. Trying to put words on that image, I thought it represented art. The central fresco represented the artist focus, the big shoe would represent the infinitely big, whereas the small shoe would represent the infinitesimally small. Then within this boundaries, the artist crafts her work.

Why a shoe, may one ask? A shoe is a symbol for a place reached by an human. In the case of this image, it witnesses that an human being has reached the infinitely big and infinitesimally small through her creation.

On the central fresco were painted many shapes of different colors. I first convinced myself to make another flash painting out of this, and then took some pencils and started drawing. Immediately, a problem occurred: my shoes were rough ovals, and I thought that the reader wouldn't be able to recognize a shoe in this context, so I used a human foot instead. While starting the middle fresco, I thought it would be interesting to recount the creation process that an artist faces when starting a new work: first using simple elements, then combining them together, playing with them a little bit until new and more complex shapes appear. Then again testing different combinations mixing complex and simple shapes, etc... Then trying to assembly those shapes in order to reproduce the existing. In order to not overload the painting, and for the sake of readability, I did not use color mixing. However, combining colors is interesting and open new horizons. Therefore, I added an imaginary try of color merging at the bottom right of the fresco, as to show that the creation process never ends.