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When you wish upon a star


When you wish upon a star: tribute to Disney

An imaginary adventure, a trip through emotions, every time I watch a Walt Disney movie, I'm delighted.

In this version of "When you wish upon a star", I try to reproduce all those good things that Disney put in my memory.

My finds where:

  • - the shooting star trail
  • - some chords combination
  • - a left hand descent
  • - a soft passage
  • - a chilly passage
  • - a tip-toe walk
  • - a right hand chromatic descent with a left hand wave
  • - a whistle effect
  • - a glorious passage
  • - an echo effect with space chords
  • - a left hand rythmic passage
  • - a 3 hands like passage
  • - a tzigane passage
  • - the aladin genie metamorphosis, introducing alading main theme
  • - aladin main theme
  • - a rattlesnake
  • - a triton halt passage
  • - a 3 hands wave
  • - a magic take-off
  • - followed by the "blue dream" theme (Aladin)
  • - a fake ending
  • - some slidings to bring...
  • - back the main theme for the true ending

This work is dedicated to Oda Kanako, the woman I loved and with who I spent my best moments.

At that time of my short career, I decided to close the training session and expose those 5 works on the internet.

This step backward allowed me to notice that there is mainly 4 things that I like in piano composition:

  • - simple (but lively) melodies
  • - rich chords progression
  • - strokes which require technical mastery
  • - pianistic innovation

That's it, the tour now comes to the end. I hope you had a good time.
Cheers, Talfi.