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Fly me to the moon


"Fly me to the moon", a one-way trip.

"Fly me to the moon" was a piece that we played with "Absolute Swing", a blues-swing band from Tours (France) in which I was playing the piano and the harpsichord.

This was one of my favorite songs amongst the 20 and more songs that we had. We played a version by Diana Krall, and I knew my part by heart, note per note.

It was a moment of my life were I worked in computed science, and I had one hour piano training per day. The whole hour, I spent improvising on the theme (the chorus), with no other goal that relaxing and taking some pleasure.

Came a time where I started memorizing certain patterns. Then, little by little, I noticed that I could assembly some patterns together. From training to training, I could create chorus out of those patterns. Once at that level, I decided to compile the different chorus, cream of my training, in one complete piece.

And that's how was born my version of "Fly me to the moon". Upon the listening of the final version, I was both happy and disappointed. Happy to be able to produce my work, and disappointed by the result. Each chorus taken alone is rich and tells a lot of things. However put one after another, the chorus set do not tell anything, or at least not a comprehensible thing. This is an unstitched set of chorus, the main thread is missing.

And so I failed to create the work that I wished; rather than modifying the work, I decided to start again from scratch in my second composition: Happy Birthday.