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Clair de lune


Clair de lune: fulfillment of the fragmented style.

A breeze whispered the name of the next piece: clair de lune. "Clair de lune" is a piano piece composed by Beethoven.

In all music schools this classical music standard is taught to the piano students. I remember that my fingers were too small to use the same fingering that my teacher, Me Ikuko Ivanovitch, was using; so I used another fingering.

This time, I found the score for "Clair de lune" on the internet. A few moments later, I was one more time immersed in the chords of the great german composer. Quickly, session after session, I made my own finds.

During the piece creation, occured to me the idea to dedicate this piece to a young woman that I liked: Joyce Valencia.

My finds were:

  • - a moonlight with a little breeze
  • - the fall of the first rain drop
  • - followed by the progressive fall of rain
  • - followed by the calm...
  • - ...before thunder...
  • - ...moved by great and powerful winds
  • - the theme played by the left hand, with a 3 hands illusion
  • - un spectacular grandiose
  • - un romantic passage
  • - the snow theme for the ending

Those finds came from the simple idea of playing two notes with the right hand, followed by two notes on the left hand. This sequence was the rain. Inspired by the rain, I then created the thunder, and in the same impulse, the tormenting and intriguing winds. The snow then came naturally, later, as for crystallizing the work.

Upon the final listening, I found for the first time that the result was satisfactory. This is the first work in which I could successfully incorporate my finds with the melodic and continuous flow of the Beethoven sonata. I could die there, but, it wasn't the case.